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'The Land of Skateboarding'

Our truly-international partnership model builds skateboarding infrastructure and schools, delivers programs and equipment, and facilitates a network of social-skate projects all over the world.


Skateistan’s award-winning programs provide opportunities to children aged 5-17, especially girls, who not only learn the national school curriculum through our Back-to-School program, but valuable life skills that go beyond the classroom too. We are in Kabul, Mazar-e-Sharif, and Bamyan.

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Skateistan Cambodia first began running programs in Phnom Penh in 2011. We offer free sports and non-formal education programs that benefit children aged 5–17, with a focus on girls, students from low socio-economic backgrounds, and children living with disabilities.

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Surf Ghana

Based in Accra, Surf Ghana is a collective that uses the practice of extreme sports as a driver for diversity in education, social inclusion, and empowerment of the youth.

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Seven Hills

Supporting the development of inclusive public spaces in Jordan, for youth through skateboarding, crafts & arts.

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South Africa

Since 2014, Skateistan has worked across South Africa and has a permanent school in Johannesburg, complete with a concrete skatepark, offices and several classrooms. Programs run five days a week in the afternoon for children to attend after they have been to public school.

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Ayni Skate Project

Located at 4000 meters altitude, Pura Pura Skatepark is the highest skatepark in the world. The Ayni organization operates a skateboard equipment loaner system with free of charge access to skate gear from their on-site youth center, and offers weekly free of charge skate classes for at-risk youth.

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Art Plus

Thanks to this partnership with Art Plus, Skate and Create sessions are now underway in Suli Skatepark, Iraq's very first skatepark in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq.

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Project Elimu

Project Elimu is a community-driven non-profit organization offering after-school arts education and a safe space to children living in Kibera, an informal settlement in Nairobi, Kenya

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With Bait al-Shams, just.childhood is offering the children a safe space for learning and simply being a child on a continuous, reliable basis and prepare them for school.

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Hera Skate

Hera Skate is a non-profit organisation empowering girls, women, non-binary, trans and queer people through skateboarding and creative arts in Berlin. We aim to create safe, inclusive and accessible spaces of social interaction, collaboration, diversity and inspiration for FLINTA*s within the skate community.

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Haszten is a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to promoting physical activity among girls and boys with functional diversity in the province of Bizkaia. Its main objective is to promote learning and expand accessibility to different sports modalities, including skateboarding.

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Great Skate

Based in Nottingham, UK, Great Skate design and deliver excellent and bespoke skateboarding experiences for beginner skateboarders and set them on a path to a lifetime of happy skating, good physical health and mental wealth.

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Verein fur Skateboardkultur

Verein für Skateboardkultur is a non profit organisation in Hamburg, where we try to promote the cultural value that skateboarding has for the city but also add to the culture of skateboarding for skaters in hamburg and also by promoting exchange with other skateboarding and DIY organisations in other places.

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Everyone On Boards

London-based Everyone On Boards is a grassroots organisation bringing skateboarding closer to local communities, opening up this unique culture and giving young people and families from every background the chance to experience and participate. Our mission is to help the community and empowering the girls to equip themselves with the necessary transferable skills to have the confidence to make healthy, informed choices and achieve their full potential.

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Skate Heaven

Based in Edegem, Belgium, Skate Heaven is a indoor skating hall which offers skateboarding, inline skate and scooter lessons. Their goal is to provide a safe space and a community for practitioners of all extreme sports together.

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Longboard Girls Crew

Longboard Girls Crew is a global community created in 2010 that supports, promotes and empowers girls, women, trans & non-binary people in male dominated sports such as skate and longboarding. Through a strong and diverse online & offline representation, events, videos and conferences, they've organically created communities in 40+ countries, breaking down social barriers and stereotypes about these sports.

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Rookie Slash

Geneva based, Rookie Slash promote a healthy lifestyle thanks to community, sports, and self-development. They also hope to strengthen the social cohesion of the city, by limiting communitarianism and discriminatory practices.

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Skateducate is a non-profit organisation that seeks to create an expansive inclusion in the skateboarding community. They do so through weekly sessions, camps, road-trips and non-skateboarding events that bring people together around the skateboard. Their primary crew and users identify as girls, women and non-binary.

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Pirkanmaan Kaarikoirat Ry

Pirkanmaan Kaarikoirat Ry acts on social sustainability, promoting skateboarding ecosystem and infrastructure in Tampere region of Finland, by providing facilities and teaching in skateboarding.

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Boobiebrettler is a feminist skate community based in Innsbruck, Austria. The organization aims to provide visibility for FLINTA individuals in the skateboarding scene and to create a safe space free from heteronormative ideals and discrimination.

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Kovalam Skate Club

The Kovalam Surf Club always had the principle “no school, no surfing” to encourage children who were not in education. During monsoon they had no way of surfing, so started skateboarding.

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U Can Skate

U Can Skate focuses on sharing skateboarding with youth, women and indigenous communities around Mexico. They run a variety of events and programming to introduce more youth into skateboarding, meet ups, lessons, movie premiers, workshops and more.

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Free Movement Skateboarding

Through skateboarding, Free Movement Skateboardingsupport and promote the wellbeing, empowerment and social cohesion of youth in Athens. Together, on and off the board, they push for a welcoming and diverse Athenian skate scene and society.

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Timor Skate

The focus of Timor Skate is to share this empowerment with the community in Dili, Timor-Leste, by building a skatepark.

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Love CT Inclusão e Resgate

Founded in 2010, the Sao Paulo based collective offers weekly skateboarding, music and creative workshops. ​​In the last 4 years they have been promoting cultural tours with the young people as a way to reframe urban spaces

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Drug Free Malaysia

Reaching out to youth by using education, art, music and sports key intermediaries, Drug Free Malaysia hope the culture of self worth in their programs can be applied to youngsters and can produce a positive outcome.

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CEWAYE is a local non government organization which is led and focused to young women and youth in marginalized communities. Their mission is to work with, support and empower women and youth.

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Maputo Skate

Founded in 2006, Maputo Skate aims to provide young people with “tools” that help them avoid contact with alcohol and drugs, improve school performance, family relationships, train leaders for the future and improve social integration.

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South Sudan Skateboarding

A non-profit collective bringing skateboarding to the youth in South Sudan through their Skate to Recover program.

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Comité de skate Río Claro de Pavones

Comité de skate Río Claro de Pavones organize weekly skate sessions for different levels and additional skate sessions for girls, to create a safe space.

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SimplementeOpinión's participants include individuals from communities of color, LGBTIQ+ individuals, and individuals experiencing homelessness.

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Impossible / Skatesencia are committed to sustainable and inclusive support for the skateboarding community! From skateboarders for skateboarders, they work in Berlin, Germany,

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Free Movement

On and off the board, Free Movement Skateboarding pushes for a welcoming and diverse skate scene and society from its mobile skatepark and youth centre in Athens, Greece since 2017.

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2 Das Minas

"2 das Minas" is an independent social project that promotes female skateboarding, focusing on skateboarding, hospitality and sisterhood as its central mission.

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Bangladesh Street Kids Aid

BSKA provides a wide-range of opportunities and services to street-involved youth. Their approach is unique as uses skateboarding as an outreach tool.

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Women Relief Aid

Women Relief Aid (WRA) is a fully registered women-led National NGO, non-profit, non-political and non-religious founded to provide support to vulnerable women/girls and children suffering in South Sudan

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