Ayni Skate Project

Ayni Skate Project

Located at 4000 meters altitude, Pura Pura Skatepark is the highest skatepark in the world. The Ayni organization operates a skateboard equipment loaner system with free of charge access to skate gear from their on-site youth center, and offers weekly free of charge skate classes for at-risk youth. In 2022, Ayni expanded their classes to El Alto offering outreach sessions on portable ramps. Since the construction of Pura Pura, Ayni has initiated the construction of various skate spots in La Paz and El Alto, making skateboarding accessible to disadvantaged youth.

Ayni Skte Project

What is Skateistan In A Box?

Put simply, Skateistan In A Box is an international partnership model which mobilizes funding, resources, knowledge and equipment for grassroots and established organizations all around the world.

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