Watch 'The World On Board' Episode 1: Free Movement Skateboarding

April 12, 2024

Our new documentary series cements 'Skateistan In A Box' as global partnership model for the social skate sector. You can watch Episode 1 now, right here.

With climate disaster, migrant crisis, and global conflict, childhoods are being stripped away. Skateistan In A Box is an international programs partnership model which mobilizes funding, resources, knowledge and more for grassroots and established organizations all around the world. Every partnership is bespoke and unique to the partner’s needs.

‘Skateistan In A Box’

Today, there are over 40 million displaced children worldwide, uprooted from their homes by conflict and crisis. Over 3.7 million of these children are out of school, denied the opportunity to learn and grow. Meanwhile, communities all over the planet are at-risk from inequality, lack of provisions and climate collapse. With opportunities for play, education and empowerment at record lows, childhoods are being stripped away.

“Skateboarding knows no boundaries, and neither should our commitment to people and planet. We've been working on a model which allows us to partner with grassroots and established organizations all over the world – Skateistan In A Box is an agile, ever-developing means by which to do that, while honoring the needs of local communities.” 
Hala Khalaf, Co-Executive Director (Skateistan)

Skateistan has operated around the world since 2007, specifically working with at-risk, disabled, migrant and BIPOC youth. Now, with Skateistan In A Box added to its programmatic offering, Skateistan works in over 20 locations worldwide. To date, Skateistan has worked with 24,000 children. Over 50% of these are girls.

‘The World On Board’

‘The World On Board’ was launched as an ethos for Skateistan at the end of 2023, when Tony Hawk starred in their December fundraising drive. It continues as their ethos, and the title of a new documentary series launched in house, which "unboxes" Skateistan In A Box by visiting locations and letting partners and participants tell their stories. 

“Every SIAB partnership is bespoke, because every partner has unique needs, and a unique story to tell. Skateistan's platform is one of the largest in our sector. We can use it to let these grassroots organizations speak for themselves, in the hope that it inspires our audience to support our partnerships.” 
Oisín Tammas, Communications (Skateistan)

In the inaugural episode of 'The World On Board', Skateistan visits Athens, and follows the women of Free Movement Skateboarding as they fight for safe, skateable spaces in a city that is undergoing an assault on public space and youth provision. Denia Kopita, as well as other core team members of FMS, are the guides, giving an unparalleled insight into what really goes into running a social skate project for migrant and local youth in Greece's capital. 

Future episodes, releasing throughout 2024, will see more Skateistan In A Box partners' work unpacked, alongside journeys into the original Skateistan Schools. The series cements Skateistan as not just a funding partner for organizations all over the world, but a storyteller for the social skate sphere too. 

Skateistan: at new heights

With over 15 years of experience running skate schools and projects around the world, and a network of 800+ social skate organizations, Skateistan is mobilizing funding, resources and equipment for at-risk, migrant, disabled, BIPOC and LGBTQ+ youth. This movement will unite projects and schools across the world under the Skateistan model in order to provide space and tools for skateboarding, creative learning and climate education. 

“I support Skateistan because I know skateboarding can be a catalyst for change all over the world. Especially for young people.” 
– Tony Hawk, Advisory Board Member

'The World On Board' continues to be a call-to-action for all who want to support Skateistan's goal to spread to 50 countries, reaching over 10,000 additional young people, before 2027. Every donation makes a difference. 

“I want to help the children at Skateistan gain self confidence, education, to have fun and make friends through skateboarding.” 
Sky Brown, Olympian & Skateistan Ambassador


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