This is Skateistan wrapped!

January 16, 2024

Aaaaaaand we’re back, with the first post of 2024. But before we get into the new year, it’s obligatory for us to wrap up last year. The internet demands it!

We got the world on board!

In late 2023, we launched a movement for at-risk youth everywhere to have access to the spaces and resources they need to learn, play & shape their futures. After a 6-week campaign, fronted by our dear friend Tony Hawk, we are stoked to announce that we raised $343,693 (and counting). A huge thank you to all our supporters, the work we do would not be possible without you!

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Enter the Skateistan-verse!

We also launched #PlayForSkateistan, a modded game world which allows you to visit Skateistan Schools in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa from wherever you are in the world, and skate them as playable characters from those locations. Plus, you get a chance to support our students in real life by donating when you download the maps & characters.

This campaign was awarded 1 Bronze and 1 Shortlist at The Gerety Awards, 1st Place at the SoMo Tech Awards and 1st at the SEMPL Award for the ‘Best Use of the Digital World’. Thanks to the incredible #PlayForSkateistan team at DDB Berlin for their work on making this a (virtual) reality.

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One big push against racism!

One of the most exciting projects from Goodpush in 2023 was the Pushing Against Racism Fund, a workgroup of like-minded organizations plus a series of grants that are awarded to support initiatives that foster an anti-racist culture in skateboarding.

This year, we received 88 applications across the six continents, and supported 12 outstanding initiatives from 12 different countries. So, here’s to those projects, and everybody else pushing for a shift in skate culture. And a huge thanks to The Skatepark Project for their support to make this possible!

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Co-Executive Directors, Hala Khalaf and Oliver Percovich

Skateistan is a women-led NGO!

In 2023, it was officially announced that Hala Khalaf, our Deputy Executive Director, joined Skateistan founder, Oliver Percovich, as Co-Executive Director.

We have always worked to diversify our leadership in the past, in the present and will continue to in the future. Currently, three of our Schools are led by women of color, The Goodpush Alliance is women-run, and we have seen the work of women shape our model, from Communications to Programs, since Skateistan’s inception. It underscores the importance of representation and the belief that everyone, regardless of their background, has a part to play in shaping the future.

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Skateistan In A Box '24!

SIAB is our international programs partnership model which mobilizes funding, resources, knowledge and more, for grassroots and established organizations all around the world. We’re stoked to announce that in 2024 our partners are: 7Hills in Jordan, JustChildhood in Lebanon, Free Movement in Greece, Project Elimu in Kenya, Art+ in Iraq, AYNI in Bolivia, Impossible/Skatesencia in Germany, 2 das Minas in Brazil, BSKA in Bangladesh, plus a new Skateistan project in Iran.

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Big Data!

With our 15+ years experience offering skate & arts-based programs around the world, we’ve collected some pretty “big data” about how skateboarding is changing lives. The World On Board campaign is a global movement for change, that means this data is set to go from “big” to “gigantic”. With your help, we can make it even larger than that…and we don’t even have a word for that size!

So, that’s a wrap on 2023. Thank you once again, we’re a very humbled NGO, if an NGO can feel such an emotion. Certainly the people who work in one can, and we do, so, yeah.

Bring on 2024!


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