Conflict in Afghanistan has been largely ongoing since 1978, leading to severe social disruption, limited educational opportunities, and extreme poverty. Children and youth make up over two thirds of Afghanistan’s population and Kabul itself houses a population nearly tens times that of the country’s second largest city.

Kabul, Afghanistan is where Skateistan first began and is home to our flagship Skate School. The facility was completed in 2009 on rent-free land donated by the Afghan National Olympic Committee. As well as classrooms and an indoor skatepark, the Skate School also includes a sports hall with a rock-climbing wall, and gym area for sports such as football and basketball. The Skate School is open five days a week. Our Educators also travel to local partner organizations where they are able to provide opportunities to more children around Kabul to try skateboarding and learn with us. We host specific girls-only days, with female only Educators plus transport for female students to and from the Skate School. The staff, with the help of Youth Leaders, run regular events at the Skate School to celebrate graduations and other notable happenings.


Monira *
Age: 10
Program: Back-to-School
I am learning, skating and doing some other sports here at Skateistan. A year ago Fatima (Community Educator) came to our community and encouraged our families to let us come to Skateistan. It is a very fun place. I do a lot of sport, but skateboarding is my favorite. I feel like I am flying and I can do something special and important. Before, my family thought that skateboarding was only a male sport, but now they even can't believe that their little girl can skate like others, even boys. They think that I am doing good at Skateistan! I love flying and I hope one day to become a pilot.
$20 can provide transport for 150 girls like Monira to safely get to Skate School for a whole week.

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