South Africa is one of the world’s most diverse countries, but it also remains one of the most unequal societies despite significant progress since the end of apartheid. Inequalities strongly correlate with race, and in central Johannesburg, extreme economic inequality within the city exposes young people from low-income backgrounds to social risks such as a lack of a quality education, violence and social isolation. Limited access to recreational facilities and quality education can also undermine children’s ability and desire to learn.

We have been active in the disadvantaged inner city of Johannesburg since early 2014, when we started running Outreach sessions in a previously abandoned skate bowl at a park in the neighborhood of Troyeville. In August 2016, we officially opened our fourth Skate School, located in downtown Johannesburg. The Skate School includes a state-of-the-art concrete skatepark and three-story education centre, with flexible office and classroom space.

Programs run five days a week in the afternoon for children to attend after they have been to public school. Girls-only sessions address the gender divide and give girls an equal opportunity to join in. We also run Outreach sessions in the Bjala Square park close to the Skate School. 

The Skate School is located at 32 Van Beek Street, New Doornfontein and you can reach them on +27 11 027 5821. 

Lining up to skate
Regular students
Low-income backgrounds
Students living with disabilities
Girl ready to drop in
Boy painting in the classroom
Educator helps a young child to skate
Updates from Johannesburg
Skateistan students Skate Beyond Borders
At Skateistan, our students inspire others and their wider communities. Our aim is to provide safe spaces for them to build a better future in which they can thrive.
A New Chapter - where are we now?
In November of last year, we launched A New Chapter, a fundraising campaign with the goal of raising $1.5 million by spring this year, with the aim to work in 20 locations, and reach 4,500 students every week by the end of 2022.
How to make International Women’s Day count this year
This March, we are celebrating International Women’s Day by inviting you to join the Citizens of Skateistan.
Growing students need growing spaces in Johannesburg
Our increase in student numbers in Johannesburg is great news. But we were running out of space! A new classroom has brought new opportunities for our students.
Getting ready for adult life: Nkosi's story
Nkosi attends Skateistan in Johannesburg. Recently he's been thinking a lot about his future and how he can plan for it. The skills he's learned in our Youth Leadership program are helping him to do this.
Introducing Natalia
Natalia is 16 and she lives in Johannesburg. She's been coming to Skateistan for a while now and attends the Youth Leadership program. Through this, she is learning to set herself up for greatness.
Curriculum Update: Life skills vision board
In the Skate and Create program in Johannesburg, Skateistan educators introduced students to the life skills vision board lesson plan. A vision board is a collage of images and words representing a person's wishes or goals.
Curriculum update: Learning to balance
Skateistan is all about balance. Whether that’s on a skateboard, a sense of mental wellbeing and stability or combining learning with fun times.
Skateistan Johannesburg: A Simple Path | Insight TV | Vans
Skateistan South Africa features in ep 2 of 'A Simple Path' on Insight TV. Check out the Skateistan section here - made possible by Vans.
Back on Board: Meet Lesedi
Lesedi says he felt terrible when the Skate School closed because of lockdown. Now he's Back on Board and feeling awesome!