Skateistan becomes a woman-led NGO
Hala Khalaf announced as co-Executive Director
International Women’s Day: Mpho's Story
At Skateistan, more than half of our students are girls.
Skate Beyond Borders: Meet Mona*
Around half our students are girls and we strive every day to keep this at 50% or even higher.
Skateistan students Skate Beyond Borders
At Skateistan, our students inspire others and their wider communities. Our aim is to provide safe spaces for them to build a better future in which they can thrive.
Skate Beyond Borders: Introducing Ahmad*
Ahmad is 12 years old and lives in Beirut, Lebanon. During the Skate Beyond Borders campaign we introduce you to six of our students that have
Finding a safe space at Skateistan: Emily's story
Emily is 14 years old and lives in a small house with her family in Phnom Penh. She joined Skateistan in 2016 with with a group of children living with disabilities, who were all participants of an NGO called Aziza’s Place.
Partnering with public schools in South Africa
By partnering with local schools we meet children in spaces that they are already in, providing programming that supplements school curricula.
A New Chapter - where are we now?
In November of last year, we launched A New Chapter, a fundraising campaign with the goal of raising $1.5 million by spring this year, with the aim to work in 20 locations, and reach 4,500 students every week by the end of 2022.
Every day is International Women’s Day at Skateistan
Around half our students are girls and we strive every day to keep this at 50% or even higher.
A New Chapter for refugees
Skateistan is excited to announce that we're now running programs in refugee camps around the world!
How to make International Women’s Day count this year
This March, we are celebrating International Women’s Day by inviting you to join the Citizens of Skateistan.
Remembering Ruedi Herger, a friend of Skateistan
The Skateistan family is saddened to hear of the death of Ruedi Herger on 6 Feb 2022. Ruedi was the CEO of TSG and has always been a great friend to Skateistan.
Growing students need growing spaces in Johannesburg
Our increase in student numbers in Johannesburg is great news. But we were running out of space! A new classroom has brought new opportunities for our students.
Helping young people with disabilities to feel connected: Oppa's story
Oppa is 28 and lives in Phnom Penh in a children's shelter. He has autism and comes to Skateistan to help him to build skills and connect with others.
Getting ready for adult life: Nkosi's story
Nkosi attends Skateistan in Johannesburg. Recently he's been thinking a lot about his future and how he can plan for it. The skills he's learned in our Youth Leadership program are helping him to do this.
Introducing Natalia
Natalia is 16 and she lives in Johannesburg. She's been coming to Skateistan for a while now and attends the Youth Leadership program. Through this, she is learning to set herself up for greatness.
What Skateistan learned about remote teaching: Bella's story
Bella is 10 and lives in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The long lockdowns in Cambodia have been really tough her for, but she has learned ways to cope with remote learning.
A New Chapter in Afghanistan
As many of you will know, last year we suspended our programs in Afghanistan as the security situation changed. We are so happy to let you know that we have recently restarted our programs in Afghanistan!
A New Chapter in....Atlantis, South Africa
Skateistan has started a new chapter. We’re expanding our programs to reach thousands more children in new locations. The good news is, we’ve already begun! Read on to find out more about our new programs running in Atlantis, South Africa.
A New Chapter in....Kenya
Skateistan has started a new chapter. We’re expanding our programs to reach thousands more children in new locations around the world. And the good news is, we’ve already begun! Read on to find out more about our new programs running in Kenya.
A New Chapter in....Bolivia
Skateistan has started a new chapter. We’re expanding our programs to reach thousands more children in new locations around the world. And the good news is, we’ve already begun! Read on to find out more about our new programs running in Bolivia.
A new chapter for Skateistan
Skateistan is embarking on a new chapter. One which will see us expand around the world to reach thousands more children. Find out how the Skateistan story continues.
A New Chapter in....Jordan
Skateistan has started a new chapter. We’re expanding our programs to reach thousands more children in new locations around the world. And the good news is, we’ve already begun! Read on to find out more about our new programs running in Jordan.
Vans x Skateistan: The new collection
Vans Skateboarding is launching an awesome new footwear and apparel collection in partnership with Skateistan. Excited, much?
Curriculum Update: Life skills vision board
In the Skate and Create program in Johannesburg, Skateistan educators introduced students to the life skills vision board lesson plan. A vision board is a collage of images and words representing a person's wishes or goals.
What happened in Afghanistan?
In August 2021 we suspended our Afghan programs due to instability in the country. Where are we now?
Curriculum update: Learning to balance
Skateistan is all about balance. Whether that’s on a skateboard, a sense of mental wellbeing and stability or combining learning with fun times.
How-to with Skateistan students | Skate trick tutorials
We've created skate trick tutorials to help you learn just like our students, directly from educators in Skateistan programs.
Nature Conservation Day at Skateistan
July 28 is World Nature Conservation Day and Skateistan students have marked the day with their creativity.
Skateistan Expansion News: Sessions now running in Jordan with 7Hills Skatepark!
We have some very exciting news for Skateistan fans - our programs are now up and running in Jordan!
Skateistan Johannesburg: A Simple Path | Insight TV | Vans
Skateistan South Africa features in ep 2 of 'A Simple Path' on Insight TV. Check out the Skateistan section here - made possible by Vans.
Citizen Profile: Celebrating 5 years of support from Sky Brown!
Sky Brown is a force of nature! Skater, surfer, ambassador for girls, Citizen of Skateistan. Here we celebrate 5 years since our youngest fan joined the Citizens of Skateistan.
Where It Starts: Vans announces new partnership with Skateistan
A new partnership between Vans and Skateistan!
Back on Board: Meet Arunny
Our Back on Board campaign aims to raise $125,000 to support our students as they return to Skate School. Meet Arunny, a student in Cambodia who cannot wait to get back on board once the lockdown ends.
Back on Board: Meet Lesedi
Lesedi says he felt terrible when the Skate School closed because of lockdown. Now he's Back on Board and feeling awesome!
Mind Power: Building techniques for mental wellbeing with Waves 4 Change
To meet the needs of students as they grow older, we offer a mental health curriculum called Mind Power, first introduced to our team and students in South Africa.
The Skateroom hosts sell-out documentary screening
Our long-term funding partner, The Skateroom, recently held a sell-out screening of 'Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone' in Brussels.
Skateistan Alumni: Ntlanzeko's story
We are very excited to publish the first in a group of stories from Skateistan's Alumni Network. The Alumni Network is a new project, which connects our former students with each other, shares opportunities and celebrates their success.
Celebrating Heritage Day in South Africa
Heritage is something to be proud of. At our Skate School in Johannesburg, children celebrate their own heritage and learn about the cultures and traditions of other groups.
What Skateistan learned about: running remote programs during a global pandemic
In our series ‘What Skateistan learned about’, we share stories, successes and challenges from the perspective of a non-profit organization operating in Afghanistan, South Africa and Cambodia.
Coping with Covid: A view from Johannesburg
Covid-19 has affected people differently all over the world. In this post, we talk to Enos, a Skateistan Educator in South Africa, to get the word on how things have played out in Johannesburg.
Girls unite! Announcing our new partnership with Global Girl Project
We're very excited to announce that we'll soon be working with Global Girl Project; a special partnership that will empower older girls at our Skate Schools in Afghanistan and South Africa.
Measuring impact at Skateistan: Social Return on Investment
Recently, we embarked on a project to measure the social return on funds invested in Skateistan. Thanks to the efforts of three amazing volunteers, we can now calculate the social value of our programs! How do we do that? Read on!
It's Her Turn: Women by Women
Skateistan is a place where women support women. In this unique photo collection, incredible female photographers share iconic images of girls and women skateboarding. It's Her Turn.
It's Natalie's Turn
Meet Natalie, who is 16 and is in her last year of high school in South Africa. Natalie has bright hopes for her future and it is her role model, Wendy, who has helped her to chase these dreams.
It's Sophea's Turn
Meet Sophea, who was once a student at Skateistan and is now a member of staff at Skateistan Cambodia.
It's Her Turn
Our new campaign focuses on girls' empowerment at Skateistan and the importance of women and girls supporting each other. Donate today!
It's Sara's Turn
Meet Sara, who is 16 and lives in Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan. She dreams of becoming a professional soccer player. But it was the inspiration of her coach that gave Sara to courage to dream.
Skateistan Skate Schools Respond To Covid-19
Classes are still temporarily suspended at our Skate Schools due to the ongoing situation with the coronavirus, read how each location has responded to programming needs.
Telling the story of our Covid-19 response
The coronavirus has brought many challenges, including how we continue to reach our students and how we gather data about those interactions. In this post, we take a look at the numbers behind our Covid-19 response
Oliver Percovich: Motivation Makes the Difference
Our Founder and Executive Director writes a guest post about the importance of finding the things which motivate each one of us. Oliver has been inspired by the teams at our Skate Schools who are determined to reach students during the pandemic.
Skateistan’s Culture of Safety
At Skateistan we aim to put the safety of our staff and students first in everything we do. With the coronavirus situation changing rapidly around us, we thought it was the right time to share our approach to safety.
16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence
Skateistan works to empower women and girls through skateboarding and education. Near the end of 2019, Skateistan Skate Schools participated in the '16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence' to continue advocating on behalf of women and girls.
How you can help support Skateistan
There are many ways that you can help support Skateistan. Read this post to learn how you can help support children through skateboarding in Afghanistan, Cambodia, and South Africa.
Curriculum Update: Concepts of Community in Act Local
We take a look back on our 'Act Local' curriculum, which helps students to understand their own role and potential within their communities.
Robin Rhode lends his creativity to Skateistan students
Renowned artist and Citizen of Skateistan Robin Rhode recently visited our Skate School in Johannesburg to help inspire the next generation of artists and skateboarders.
Inclusion in action: Skateistan and Special Olympics South Africa team up!
Recently, we piloted a partnership project with Special Olympics South Africa to bring the fun and freedom of skateboarding into the lives of children living with disabilities.
10 Years of Fun and Freedom in Kabul
In October, Skateistan Kabul celebrated 10 years since Skateistan's first Skate School opened its doors.
Safe to Express: This is Ethan
Meet Ethan, a 14 year old student at Skateistan in Johannesburg. Ethan was struggling at school and couldn't focus. His educators helped him to see what's important, and how to take steps to express himself through his skateboarding and dancing talents.
Safe to Learn: This is Safia.
Safia is 11 years old and lives in an internally displaced persons camp in Mazar-e-Sharif with her family. They are not from Mazar, but they had to move from their home province due to conflict and fighting. Safia then joined the Back-to-School program.
Safe to Dream: This is Hashmat
Hashmat is 13 and he lives in Kabul. He'd never been to school and he was afraid of speaking in front of the class. Skateistan Educators found a way to help Hashmat build his confidence. Now he can dare to dream of the future.
Safe to Play: This is Mony.
Mony is 11 years old and lives near the Skate School in Phnom Penh. Mony was struggling with her behaviour, but Skateistan Educators found a way to connect with her and help her to change.
Welcoming Sarah Meurle to the Citizens of Skateistan family
Introducing the newest member of the Citizens of Skateistan, Sarah Meurle.
Welcoming Zorah Olivia to the Citizens of Skateistan family
Introducing Zorah Olivia
Summer is for skateboarding
This summer, two of our staff from our South Africa team traveled to Europe to attend Pushing Boarders in Malmö and the Goodpush event in Copenhagen. Here, we catch up with Wendy (Educator) and Ayanda (Senior Finance Officer) to find out more.
Skateistan Documentary: Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone (If You're a Girl)
A short documentary which follows the progress of a group of girls at Skateistan in Kabul.
Mazar-e-Sharif Update: Partner Profile of the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan
As part of our focus on developing inclusive and accessible programs, we are excited to highlight the work we do with deaf and hard of hearing students.
Student Profile: Introducing Belkesa*
Introducing you to a student at one of our Skate Schools.
Welcoming Lucy Adams to the Citizens of Skateistan Family
Introducing Lucy Adams
What Skateistan learned engagement
Read the latest in our mini series about challenges we've faced and what we've learned from them. This time, we take a look at the power of community engagement.
Local Update: Building New Learning Spaces in Phnom Penh
To increase the impact that Skateistan has on the local community, we created a new learning environment for children at Skateistan in Cambodia.
Curriculum update: Natural Balance
Between April and July this year, our Skate and Create students were following the Natural Balance curriculum. Find out what they've been learning about!
10 Ways That Skateistan Celebrates Go Skateboarding Day
Skateistan celebrated Go Skateboarding Day all over the world. Students participated in a rad day of skating and fun with their communities.
Student Profile: Thabile's Story
Meet Thabile: A 9 year old girl who attends Skateistan in Johannesburg.
Introducing Our Summer Collection and the brilliant illustrator behind it, Cynthia Kittler
We are delighted to announce the latest in our line of creative partnerships with the super talented contemporary artist Cynthia Kittler.
Changing the Story: This is Omid
Meet Omid, a 13 year old boy in Afghanistan who was working on the streets and missing out on school.
Changing the Story: This is Nthabiseng
Meet Nthabiseng, a Skate and Create student in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Changing the Story: This is Ahmad
Meet Ahmad. He lives in Afghanistan and attends the Back-to-School program at Skateistan.
Changing the Story: This is Pisey
Meet Pisey, a Skate and Create student in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.