A New Chapter

In August 2021, we suspended our programs in Afghanistan for the first time since 2009, when we first opened the doors of our Skate School in Kabul. For over a decade, thousands of children in Afghanistan had found a safe space at Skateistan, where they could play, learn and dream. Now our future in Afghanistan is uncertain.

This is a chance for us to begin A New Chapter. We want to rebuild, to expand and take the joy of skateboarding further afield. Our aim is to expand to 20 locations over the next year, and reach 4,500 students each week. This is an ambitious goal and we cannot do it alone. Will you help us to write the next chapter of the Skateistan story? 

We are committed to Afghanistan, where the roots of Skateistan remain. We don’t yet know exactly what programs we will be able to run in this new landscape, but we will not turn our backs on the hundreds of children who look to Skateistan as a haven. Rebuilding in Afghanistan is one aspect of our new chapter. 

At the same time, we want to take the seed that was planted in Afghanistan around the world. There are children in many places who need safe spaces, trustworthy adults and the opportunity to learn and express themselves. After so many years of working in Afghanistan, South Africa and Cambodia, we know how to provide programs that can make a real difference in children’s lives. Skateistan is looking to expand; to plant roots in new locations and to grow our skateboarding community. Read on to discover our new program locations. 

Afghan student writing.

In Jordan we are partnering with 7Hills Skatepark, who already run amazing skate programs in Amman. Together, we’re running Skate and Create for new students in Zarqa and Irbid. These sessions focus on girls’ inclusion, empowerment and integration between different communities.

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For the first time, Skateistan is coming to South America! We’re proud to be working with Ayni Skate Project to run Skateistan programs in La Paz, Bolivia. Using the Pura Pura skatepark (built by Make Life, Skate Life) we are running Skate and Create sessions and Youth Leadership, which focus on creativity and inclusion.

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We’ve started working in partnership with Project Elimu, which runs dance and educational programs in Kibera, Nairobi. Now the project is also offering Skateistan’s Skate and Create program, to encourage children to skate, learn and explore their role in their community.

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Skateistan South Africa has now expanded from its base in Johannesburg to the Western Cape. In partnership with local schools, we are now running our Skate and Create program for over 100 children in Atlantis. This provides a space where children can enjoy skateboarding and creative sessions safely, with adults they can trust and look up to.

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The Skateistan story has changed but it will carry on. 
Can you help us to write the next chapter?


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