Bamyan shredders: Meet Shabnam
Shabnam is 14 and has just started skateboarding.

I am really excited to see that Bamyan Skate School will soon be completed and we will be able to go there. I imagine that there would be a lot of children who are able to play sports and be happy. And also I think that Bamyan skate school would be a really good place for girls to be able to play sports. 

Shabnam's tic tac in Bamyan
Bamyan shredders: Meet Ehsan
Ehsan is 14. Before Skateistan started running programs in Bamyan, he had never tried skateboarding.

Bamyan Skate School will be a great place for me to learn lots of new tricks and become a professional skateboarder in the future. I think that it will be a place with lots of kind teachers that help students to learn and experience lots of new things in their life.

Check out Ehsan's skate skills
Ehsan is 14 and only just started skateboarding. But he's making awesome progress!
Bamyan shredders: Meet Zainab
Zainab is 13 and she loves to tic tac.

I imagine that the Bamyan Skate School will be a great place for learning lots of new things, such as different skateboarding tricks. Also I imagine that there will be lots of girls at Bamyan Skate School who are able to play sports like soccer and bike riding. I think that it would be a safe place for everyone to come and enjoy doing different activities.

Check out Zainab's skating
Bamyan shredders: Meet Shoaib
Shoaib is 13 and is looking forward to helping others at the Skate School.

I think that Bamyan Skate School will be a big place like Kabul Skate School. There will be lots of children to skateboarding and also learning lots of new things. I imagine that I will be able to learn lots of new skate tricks at Skateistan and then I will help others to learn skateboarding. 

See Shoaib's ollie in Bamyan

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