Skateistan The Movie On DVD

Skateistan is pleased to announce that the full-length documentary ‘Skateistan – Four Wheels and a Board in Kabul’ is now available to buy on DVD. The award-winning, 95 min. documentary follows Skateistan and its founders over the span of one year, documenting their daily struggle to break down social, gender and ethnic barriers between the children of war-torn Afghanistan with the help of ‘boards and four wheels’ – which had been previously unknown in the country.

Spitfire x Skateistan Wheel Release

new F1 Spitfire wheels skatiestan collaboration

Longtime Skateistan sponsor Spitfire Wheels has released the very first Spitfire x Skateistan collaboration wheel! In celebration of the phenomenal support Spitfire Wheels has shown to Skateistan over the years, we have put together a special video dedicated to Spitfires ongoing support. Their support has been integral to Skateistan's growth and impact on the lives of the youth of Afghanistan and Cambodia.