Go Skateboarding Day 2014

Every year, kids, parents, teachers, brothers, sisters, babies, grandparents, skaters and non-skaters from all around the world gather together to celebrate Go Skateboarding Day on June 21st. This year, Skateistan students shared their love of skateboarding in the streets of Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa.

Pro Skater Jamie Thomas in Afghanistan

“Coming to Afghanistan, I admit that I was a little nervous. In the States we have nothing but war and fighting and burning flags and that kind of stuff about Afghanistan, so in America that’s all we think is happening here... I think that the media does a good job of making Afghanistan look like a very dangerous and terrible place, but I think it’s a very lovely place.”

South African Media Launch

On Friday, June 6th, Skateistan South Africa held its first ever media event to officially announce Skateistan’s expansion onto the African continent.

Over 60 attendees joined Skateistan South Africa to celebrate its accomplishments over the past several months, as well as learn about future plans, meet new members of the South Africa team, and view the live launch of the Skateistan South Africa Facebook page.