It's keep Skateistan rolling time!

We are proud to announce that we reached and exceeded our 35,000 USD fundraising goal in December 2013 by more than $7000. We would like to thank everyone who has participated in the 'Keep Skateistan Rolling' fundraising drive in any way, be it by sharing our content, making a donation, or organizing a fundraiser. This was our most ambitious goal yet, and you made it happen!

If you did not join the campaign, there is always the possibility to learn more about our fundraising drives or even make a donation. We won't be reaching out to our supporters again until our next drive in July 2014, but we really appreciate any support you can offer throughout the year.

Thanks again for keeping Skateistan rolling into 2014.


What does a 14-year-old Afghan girl dream about for her future? How has skateboarding changed the life of a teenage boy who used to wash cars in the streets of Kabul? How does it feel to ride down a skateboard ramp and start going to school for the first time in one day? How can sport, education, and skateboarding create change?
This video shows what Skateistan students, staff, and supporters like Tony Hawk, had to say.


Since 2007 we’ve rarely asked our supporters for donations but as a grassroots NGO we in fact rely on the generosity of people around the world like you to continue the work that we do. At the same time, we know how annoying it gets to be hassled on the street by some stranger with a clipboard or bombarded with guilt-inducing images, so we thought instead that we’d do two fundraising drives a year that show how your donations make a real positive impact on the lives of Skateistan students. During our ‘Keep Skateistan Rolling’ fundraising drives we also want to give our supporters the opportunity to become a part of Skateistan by getting involved.


As a way to thank those that are able to make a contribution towards Skateistan's projects internationally, we're giving away some Skateistan merchandise.

From December 4th-31st donors who decide to make a monthly donation of $20 USD (15 Euro) or more will be automatically entered to win a Skateistan prize pack:

a ZERO Skateboards x Skateistan deck
3 Tote-bags
a scarf
a copy of the Skateistan book
as well as a DVD of Skateistan the Movie

Additionally, every donation over 20 USD (15 Euro) will be automatically entered to win a massive 120X86 cm Skateistan photo print and a Skateistan T-shirt.

Please note: Only donations made online directly at through PayPal or Crowdrise will be eligible to win.