Skate And Create

Skateboarding provides a valuable platform of expression, creativity and self-development for young men and women of all ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Using skateboarding as a tool for youth development, young people are able to have fun and engage positively with one another. Skateistan runs skateboard lessons for girls and boys five days a week, with skate instructors and student volunteers leading the instruction of students.

Why Sport Matters for Girls

In a recent newsletter, we featured an interview with Skateistan Cambodia staff member Kov Chansangva (Tin). Tin has been working with Skateistan Cambodia for ten months, and has quickly become an invaluable member of the Skateistan team. Her passion for skateboarding, dance, music, and teaching combined with her can-do attitude and energy make her a fantastic female role model for all the students at Skateistan Cambodia. To our knowledge, Tin was the first Cambodian woman ever to land a kickflip.

While there are numerous barriers to female participation in sport around the world, Tin represents a growing population of female athletes in Cambodia.

Celebrating Go Skate Day 2013 in 4 Cities

Every June 21 since 2009, Skateistan celebrates International Go Skateboarding Day, along with millions of other skateboarders around the world. In both Afghanistan and Cambodia, kids and staff have taken to the streets on their skateboards to share their love of skateboarding and common identity with people of all backgrounds.

Skateistan Cambodia Kep Skate Jam 2013

Srey Pich doesn't mess around.

Last weekend Skateistan Cambodia packed up 11 girls and 7 boys, all our staff, plus a whole car full of speakers, luggage, DJ equipment, and enough boards and gear for everyone and made the trek down to the coastal town of Kep to skate a now-infamous bowl in the middle of the Cambodian Jungle.

This was the second of what we hope to be annual Skateistan competitions at Jasmine Valley Eco Resort, and we were blown away by the amount that everyone has progressed since this time last year.

Opening our 2nd Facility in Afghanistan!

​In 2007 the Skateistan project began in the streets of Kabul, introducing skateboarding to girls and boys in Afghanistan for the first time. Since then, Skateistan has offered skateboarding lessons paired with educational programs to thousands of Afghan children. On May 23, Skateistan will open the doors of its second facility in Afghanistan, giving up to 1000 children in Mazar-e-Sharif the chance to play and learn in a state-of-the-art sport and education facility, nearly three times the size of Skateistan Kabul.