Back-to-School Takes Off In Mazar

Students gather to register for classes.      

On December 17th 2013, Skateistan in Mazar-e-Sharif began the first semester of its Back-to-School program. Thirteen girls and 30 boys came to Skateistan excited to get back on track with their studies, with a goal to recruit an equal amount of girls in coming weeks. After completion of the program, Skateistan will assist the students to enrol or re-enrol in government schools. 

Congratulations to our Back to School Class!

The Back to school class celebrate their graduation

Skateistan is proud to announce the success of our 2012/2013 Back to School (BTS) students in Kabul. After one year of accelerated studying at Skateistan, this year 38 students have successfully passed their tests and joined Afghan public school last month, including 50% girls. None of the BTS students had previously attended public school.

Puppet Show at Skateistan

There is no doubt that puppet shows can be entertaining for people of all ages. A puppet show can tell stories and convey messages, especially to youth, that sometimes an average actor cannot. Children often pay closer attention to what is being by the said by the puppets, and can learn lessons in a very easy format. A puppet show is a great way to entertain children, teach new ideas, and be an important part of the educational process.

Making Afghanistan's 1st Skateboards

Noorzai smooths out his skateboard deck

The students here at Skateistan have just created the first skateboards ever made in Afghanistan. They were designed, created, and painted by young Afghan skateboarders! The ten skateboards were the result of our recent cultural exchange program known as Connecting Dots.

The Connecting Dots project linked the young Lakota (Native American) skateboarders from the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota with the Skateistan students in Kabul. Throughout the exchange, the groups – separated by continents and oceans – exchanged key aspects of their national heritage.

A Field Trip To Kabul Zoo!!!

girls looking at a bear


Recently the Skateistan students in Kabul started their new semester with the topic of “animals”. In first weeks they researched about animals – they learnt how they are classified into different groups and discovered information about animals found in Afghanistan. The kids were then able to use their newly learnt knowledge by playing games related to animals.